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HVAC - Information

A simple procedure to "reset" the rooftop condenser unit electronic  control board, that has worked many times, for various unit owners, thus  preventing a service visit from an HVAC Company:

Issue - The interior air handling unit(s) are moving air, but units are not cooling.  Unit indicator lights may be flashing.

Discussion  - The electronic control board (located in the rooftop condenser) has  detected an electrical problem and shut-down into a "safe" condition.   In this safe condition, the system will not provide cooling.

Solution  - Located in each unit's electrical panel (in the utility room) is a  circuit breaker labeled "HVAC".  Turn this off, wait (10-15) seconds,  and turn back on.  This will reset the electronic control board and will  (most likely) allow the condenser to start working again.

The Beachwood Place annual meeting will  be held at ASI offices, 1040 William Hilton Parkway on Saturday May 18th at 10:00am. Please send your proxy or attending info ASAP.

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Filter Cleaning

As of January 1, 2014, Beachwood Place Regime is no longer responsible for the maintenance of your HVAC system. We recommend cleaning your filters once a month. Click on the link below for instructions on cleaning your filters.

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RULES and REGULATIONS 2019 (pdf)


2019 Annual Meeting Minutes (pdf)